Mercedes-Benz C 140 S 600 Coupé Lorinser | Michael Jordan

Mercedes Benz C140 S600 Coupe Lorinser Michael Jordan

S600 Coupe von Michael Jordan

Michael Jeffrey Jordan (* 17. Februar 1963 in New York City, New York) ist ein ehemaliger US-amerikanischer Basketballspieler, Unternehmer und Mehrheitseigentümer der Charlotte Hornets. Zwischen 1984 und 2003 spielte er – mit zwei Unterbrechungen – in der US-Profiliga NBA, davon 13 Jahre bei den Chicago Bulls, später bei den Washington Wizards. Er gilt nach übereinstimmenden Meinungen als einer der besten Basketballspieler der NBA-Geschichte. Die NBA selbst bezeichnet ihn als den besten Basketballspieler aller Zeiten.

Michael Jordan played 15 seasons in the NBA, winning six championships with the Chicago Bulls. According to the official NBA website: "By acclamation, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. He was integral to the rising global popularity of the NBA in the 1980s and 1990s. Jordan placed second to Babe Ruth in the Associated Press' December 1999 list of 20th-century athletes. In addition, the Associated Press voted him the greatest basketball player of the 20th century. Jordan has also appeared on the front cover of Sports Illustrated a record 50 times. In the September 1996 issue of Sport, which was the publication's 50th-anniversary issue, Jordan was named the greatest athlete of the past 50 years."


What a phenomenal opportunity this is to buy Michael Jordans actual car! Making it truly personal, this S600 Lorinser was originally titled in the name of both Michael Jordan and Juanita, his then-wife. The title was signed by both of them on the back. Besides, says Alex Manos, the Beverly Hills Car Club owner, "you probably have your own, more subjective attachment to Michael Jordan. When I was a young boy my father bought me my first pair of Air Jordan sneakers. I absolutely loved them. I thought even at that age that they were so cool. From there, I found out the amazing story of Michael Jordan himself, the greatest basketball superstar. So its truly astonishing to be selling his car today.


"Mr. Jordan was a magically gifted basketball player who, when you watched him, took your breath away," continues Manos. "Michael Jordans S600 Lorinser is such an elegant vehicle that driving it will get you in touch with your inner Michael Jordan, stepping into his world and feeling his energy and power. I am flattered to have acquired such a historically relevant car with ultimate celebrity provenance. Michael Jordan's Mercedes is an incredibly exciting vehicle to be connected with.



"Some people have signed basketballs or sneakers or photographs of the basketball giant. But how many people do you know who own Michael Jordans car? This is the Holy Grail of Michael Jordan memorabilia."



Michael Jordans 1996 Mercedes-Benz S600 Lorinser comes in a gorgeous color combination of metallic navy deep blue with a beautiful gray interior. It comes with a clean Carfax and is equipped with an automatic transmission, air conditioning, heated seats, cruise control, dual airbags, power windows, power steering, power mirrors, power seats, power sunroof, power tilt steering wheel, power mirrors, 4-wheel disc brakes, Lorinser chrome wheels, and jack.


"The cool thing about the car is when you power on the car phone, Jordan's name shows up on the dashboard, says Manos.


Michael Jordans 1996 Mercedes-Benz is an extremely desirable and highly collectible S600.

Wer nun für sich ein unvergessliches Erinnerungsstück von Michael Jordan haben möchte, der versucht sein Glück bei Ebay.

1996 C140 S600 Coupe von Michael Jordan


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